And Then They Smiled


  • Monica M. Valadez
  • Sofia G. Valadez


During the 2016-2017 academic year, our local school district initiated investigation into the development and implementation of a dual language program. The program would begin in first grades and over the course of a few years, phase out what in name was a late-exit bilingual model, but in practice was an early transition one. This investigative year marked my first full year serving as Community and Attendance Liaison for the district. With new sights set on the development of a dual language program, and the recent change in attendance policies that moved mandates away from court referrals to prevention and intervention, both the program and my position were, in a sense, under (re)construction. This afforded us the ability to explore the community aspects of my job description and partner with the director of bilingual education to cross traditional borders of program development within public schools.